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Another DMCA Complaint?!

So I just got ANOTHER email from Tumblr about another MP3 post that contains copyrighted material. Again, they removed it, but idek which post!! They are never specific about what post they’re talking about and I’m just stuck thinking, “Well, is it just a specific artist or what??” Ugh. They mentioned that this Jeremy Banks guy found god knows what post are claimed copyright infringement. What a fucking audio Nazi. I’d understand if it was Prince doing the complaining since he’s all against his music being used online, but dude..who tf are you?? I’m not harming anybody by posting music I like and other people enjoy. Hell, we’re all just basically promoting new songs and re-promoting old songs that we listen to. Maybe artists are gaining new fans from our posts or even earning more money for the basically free promotion. Like how does this even happen, let alone happen twice within 3 weeks?! If this keeps happening, they’ll shut my shit down. I’ll be damned if I gotta start all over again, so unfortunately I’m just gonna delete all the audio posts, but tumblr will be hearing from me.

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